L'AURA handmade in Italy

The brand "L'Aura Cool Bags" founded in 2004 by Laura Angelilli' is the meeting of an inspiration, intuition, passion and of a lifestyle that become an enterprise.
"L'Aura" is specialized in the market of accessories and now is well known in Italy. Today the brand, with the right marketing, is determined in the commercial expansion in Europe and the rest of the world, with the partnership of different showroom and participating in various show around Europe.
L'Aura wants to be a dynamic brand that always pays attention to the fashion trends into the creation of new collection, and to keep the touch of originality that made unique all her bags.
The cure in the search of the details, of the materials, of the colors joined with the passion to the work, give birth to simple bags but at the mean time very creative.
The models blends from the modern style, to the "chic retro'", from the "bon ton" to the "glamour super fashion". A synthesis of avant-garde that looks at the future without forgetting the Italian tradition that is a reference point in the world of fashion.
"L'Aura Cool Bags" is an idea of independence and research, also thanks to the modernity of the materials.
The "L'Aura Cool Bags" are small pleasures to always wear. Originals and very fashionable. The real bag speaks Italian, "L'Aura Cool Bags" are strictly Made in Italy.

L'Aura srl is in Frosinone (Italy) Vicolo Moccia nr.78

Tel e Fax +39(0)775.960250

Uff. PR: New Comm Milano +39(0)2.58118949