L'AURA handmade in Italy

Laura Angelilli was born in Italy in 1977. She is a little girl, but already, from her pencils are coming out sketches of little women "dressed" with only one accessory: the bag.
She looks for inspiration, the innate curiosity push her to rummage trough the family old trunks, looking for old bags. She realize little "jewel bags", sawing with thread and needle, to give as a present to her girlfriends.
From this passion is borning the "L'Aura" brand. After the artistic studies, the restoration of old paintings, travelling around the world to catch the moods of fashion world. L'Aura is ready to step up into the fashion business.
She draws the first collection in New York, limited edition, where is going to be sold. Then back in Italy. She starts to work in Rome, as styling assistant, with the italian fashion brand "Jorando", then in Bologna for the firm "Sissi Rossi".
From these experencies "L'Aura" acquires the "know how" to realize the bag with the capital "B", and begin a new walk into the business. Collaborating with the italian brand "Miss Sixty", leader in street-wear accessories.
Her artistic personality grow, new experncies, a lot of passion and the glamour dream, all hers, became reality; the brand "L'Aura" luxury handbag.

L'Aura srl is in Frosinone (Italy) Vicolo Moccia nr.78

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